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Travel photographer, writer & content creator

The reason each person travels is so different from the next. For me, traveling is about experiencing a world bigger than the one I live in day-to-day. Thoughtfully stepping into a community to learn about its rich traditions and listen to stories from those who live there.

Striving to take it all in through a destination's history, culture, food, neighborhoods, and of course the best source of all - the locals. Opting for moments of personal connections. I have a laid-back travel and writing style, working in my Midwest humor and sensibility. 

While being a complete novice, I'm avid to spend meaningful time outdoors. Particularly hiking. There is a deep urge within me to challenge my "flatlander" abilities. 

I'm passionate to share what I learn and experience on my journey to inspire others to start their own. My ultimate goal for readers of this blog is to be a helpful resource and guide.


My travel values

Supporting local, small and inclusive businesses. Being a good steward of the land. Seeking to learn and experience with an open mind & heart.

How I like to travel

Road-tripping, because you see more from the road. Connect with locals, they know the best spots. Hit the popular spots, but I like to take time to dig deeper into a destination.

... one more thing

I wanted to be an archeologist growing up until I realized it wasn't like Indiana Jones. Travel photographer was my

second choice.

Young girl looking through camera on tripod


yep, that's me

(the shortlist)

  • Complete the Kansas Capitol dome tour 

  • Photograph the northern lights

  • Hike in the Scottish highlands

  • Eat a lobster roll in Maine

Woman in winter gear standing in snowy landscape


When it comes to travel I have two perspectives. One is as an enthusiastic, you-only-live-once traveler. The other is someone who has worked in the travel and tourism industry for over a decade. 

Most of this time has been in marketing tourism destinations at a state and local level. My current role is Editor-in-Chief of a travel destination magazine. Before transitioning into marketing and media, I worked in the field as a reservations rep for hotels and a tour guide for a historic house museum.  

My background helps me know and understand the inner workings of the travel industry. This means I can pass those tips (and maybe a few tricks) on to you. 

An award-winning photographer, my travel work has been published by national and international publications. 


"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."

Gustav Flaubert

last but not least


I say favorites with "..." because it constantly changes. 

Cuisine: Mexican, Cajun & Carribbean

Bet you thought I was going to say BBQ... which I do love

Go-To Cocktail Order: Paloma, Bloody Mary, or a Moscow Mule. 
Window or Aisle: Window
Red or White Wine: White (semi-sweet)


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Thank you for visiting! I hope you're enjoying your time in my corner of the internet. Have questions, suggestions, or want to connect? Send me a message. 

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